Religious & Youth

Enjoy a Natural Setting

Lakeside Retreats provides the perfect opportunity to 'unplug'. Set in beautiful natural environments, our religious groups find the worship experience particularly moving, whether at the lake at sunset or gazing at the mountain views.

Group Bonding

We offer challenge courses and hiking trails perfect for team building and group bonding. Our shared cabin living fosters camaraderie amongst participants. The spacious dining hall and meeting areas are perfect to bring the whole group together, while smaller groups can break off an enjoy meeting by the lake, under a tree, on a sun deck or cabin porch.

Family Friendly

Evening campfires are a special time for adults and youth alike. Our family-friendly facilities provide loads of activity options for everyone. Our affordable all-inclusive pricing - with three meals a day - makes Lakeside Retreats an especially good choice for not-for-profit organizations or groups with members from varying financial backgrounds.

Lakeside Story Camps By Location FAQs


Camp Watitoh Camp Winadu Camp Wicosuta Camp Akeela Camp Cobbossee Camp Danbee Camp Greenwoods Camp for Boys Camp Kippewa Camp Lake of the Woods Camp for Girls Camp Winaukee Camp Mahkeenac